Even I learn something now and again: an odd automatic revolver!

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an over at Forgotten Weapons has done it again: come up with a gun I didn’t know existed. In this case, it’s a revolver I’d never heard of.

He recently posted a picture of the three commonly known automatic revolvers – that is, revolvers that rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer after every shot, as opposed to having the shooter’s trigger finger do that work. Most people have heard of the Mateba Unica, or the Webley-Fosberry, but far fewer know about the uber-rare Union automatic revolver (the picture is the first time I’ve actually seen a Union.)

Turns out the Spanish firm of Zulaica y Cia made one as well, and of course he managed to track down a picture. (Surprise – it’s even a decent-looking piece!) But that’s not the end of the autorevolver story, Ian says; it seems there might be a Belgian self-cocker, and he’s investigating.

If you don’t read Forgotten Weapons regularly, you’re missing out on the best historical information in the world of firearms.

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