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Truth be told, I’m not really much of a fan of full auto weapons. It’s not that they’re not a whole heap o’ fun, and it’s not that I believe people shouldn’t be allowed to own them. No, it’s simply that I’m way too cheap to buy one!

Start with the insanely high prices, then add in the $200 tax stamp, and THEN factor in how much it would cost me to feed one (even with the cost savings of reloading), and it’s just too much for my parsimonious nature. I’m glad that not everyone is as much of a cheapskate as I am, however!

That’s because I’m fascinated with their mechanical design and rarely miss a chance to look at how one operates (or even, if someone else is footing the bill, getting a little trigger time in myself!) This brings me, inevitably, to the Forgotten Weapons blog; Ian loves full autos, and goes to great lengths to unearth the very rare and unusual examples – usually complete with operational drawings.

This week he came up with a couple of fascinating articles. First is the story of a WWII era Romanian submachine gun, the Orita. It was designed by Nicolae Sterca and Leopold Jaska, two engineers who I’d not heard of before this article. (Some day I’m going to take the time to write a piece on great firearms designers who didn’t hail from the U.S. There are a lot of them.) I was particularly intrigued by the grip safety on the traditional wood stock!

Just prior to that he talked about an upcoming auction of some very rare (and incredibly pristine) autos. If I had the money (and weren’t too cheap to spend it), I’d love to have the Swiss Maxim.

Why? Do you really need to ask a former watchmaker why he wants a Swiss anything?

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