Is the Caracal dead in the water?

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I’ve been a little hesitant to talk about the woes of the Caracal pistol, largely because it’s a gun I really like. Why? Well, for starters it’s just a nice gun to shoot! That’s largely due to the incredibly low bore axis and well designed grip.

How low is that bore? I’ll put it this way: it’s the only gun since the HK P7 which gives me what I call the “Monitor feeling”, in reference to the Civil war ship that carried its bulk below the waterline and left only a short turret with a gun poking above the surface. It seems like the barrel itself is sitting on top of my fingers with just the sights peeking up out of my hand. That low bore axis makes for reduced muzzle flip and perceived recoil, enabling one to shoot faster at any given level of precision.

More importantly to me, the Caracal’s grip is small enough and the trigger reach short enough that it fits my hands like the proverbial glove. I can actually get my stubby mitts around the gun and reach the trigger, which is something I can’t do even on a Glock 19. That’s a major advantage for me!

Shooting the Caracal was one of the more pleasant experiences I’ve had in recent years and its handling alone was enough to make me like the pistol. What clinched the deal for me was the apparent reliability: the one I shot had over 10,000 rounds through it since last being cleaned, with not one reported malfunction. (This was a gun that Rob Pincus was using in his classes one last year’s PDN Spring Training Tour so I know for a fact it hadn’t been cleaned. You could tell by the gritty feeling as the slide reciprocated!)

Unfortunately time has not been good to the folks at Caracal. First they recalled the pistols because of a potential for not being drop safe. Caracal USA promised fast repair or replacement of the affected guns, and according to Robert Farago over at The Truth About Guns they’ve had his for over 160 days. That’s not what I’d call fast turnaround, and there’s no end in sight.

That was bad enough, but now comes the news that one of their guns suffered a catastrophic failure of the slide, one which they admit resulted in injuries to the shooter. They’ve issued a second recall for this issue even though they haven’t finished the first. Who knows how long this will take? Will Caracal owners ever get their guns back?

It’s too bad, but because of these issues I’ve crossed the Caracal off my personal purchase list. You see, I’m in the market for a new compact autoloading pistol and the Caracal seemed perfect for my small hands. My second favorite gun, the Steyr S9-A1, is out of the running simply because they don’t make full capacity magazines for the things – 10 rounds is the limit, in a gun that’s exactly the same size as a Glock 19 and whose magazines are actually slightly bigger than the Glock.

I’ve looked at the XD and the M&P and frankly just can’t get all that excited about either. I’m now seriously considering just picking up another Glock 19 (my wife carries one, and that would give us magazine and spare parts commonality) and doing a grip reduction on it.

Not myself, of course; can anyone out there seriously imagine me working on a plastic gun?? I’ll send it to someone who knows how to do the job properly, like Lou Biondo.

The Caracal, as much as I like it, now garners a “not recommended” from me.

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