SARC: a proactive way to deal with school attackers.

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In the midst of the debate about whether teachers should be armed, a pragmatic approach has been quietly gaining attention. It’s focused on giving students and teachers ways to fight back against attackers on school grounds, ways that don’t rely on politicians and contentious fights over “guns in our schools.” It’s called the School Attacker Response Course (SARC).

It was borne in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school murders. Rob Pincus knew that there had to be a better way for schools to handle these kinds of events, so he took his police and SWAT experience, along with his martial arts training, and came up with some novel yet plausible and effective ways to counter the school attacker.

The School Attacker Response Course teaches students that there is an alternative to “duck and cover” – the Cold-War-era method of cowering in fear under desks. This tactic has been regurgitated for the 21st century in an attempt to keep kids safe not from Russian bombs, but from spree killers. It was silly then, it’s silly now, and the School Attacker Response Course aims to change it.

The course, available free to any school administrator who requests it, doesn’t talk about arming teachers at all; instead, it shows how teachers and students can fight back and escape should the unthinkable happen in their classroom. It emphasizes that these kinds of events are very rare, so it doesn’t stoke children’s irrational fears, and then talks matter-of-factly about what they can do if by chance it does happen.

The SARC just graduated its first class of volunteer instructors, and more are on the way. If you’re an administrator who wants to really keep kids safe, or if you’re interested in teaching this course in your local schools, go to the SARC website to learn more.

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