The shake-up at Taurus: Mark Kresser takes over.

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Yesterday The Truth About Guns published a piece about the new Taurus CEO, Mark Kresser. I found his avowed commitment to change at the company interesting, especially since reports are that he replaced quite a number of the “old guard” folks when he took up his new position. To quote a line from my favorite movie, “that could be either good, or bad.”

Good if it brings new thinking and new dedication, bad if it scuttles existing industry relationships. From what I hear, there’s been some of the latter – and aside from their formation of a new shooting team with Jessie Harrison, we’ve yet to see much of the former.

The TTAG piece is something of a coincidence because just a couple of days ago I was looking at the traffic reports for this site, including the search terms which bring people here. A HUGE percentage of the people who come here from Google do so because of a search about Taurus guns. My piece “Why I don’t work on Taurus revolvers” has become the single most-read page on this site.

In fact, if you Google “Taurus gun reviews”, this site is #6 in the result. Same for “Taurus revolvers”. “Are Taurus revolvers any good” has me in the #2 spot, and “Taurus revolver reviews” puts me in first place!

This shocked me, because when I wrote that piece I wasn’t thinking about search rankings – just addressing the very real issues of Taurus quality and why it’s not worth my client’s money for me to work on the things. The comments on that blog entry are a mix of “I think they’re great and you’re an idiot” to “you’re right and I’ll never spend another dime on one of their products.”

We don’t really know what Google’s algorithms for search results are, but one speculation is that they adjust over time to reflect (among a whole host of other things) those sites that are the most often visited for any given search term. If that’s true, Taurus definitely has an image problem in the marketplace – an image problem that isn’t wholly undeserved.

It should be clear, based on my comments over a long period of time, that I have something of a love-hate relationship with Taurus. I like some of the unique things they do (except the freaking Judge line, of course), but I’m continually let down by their random quality control and indifferent engineering. Their revolvers are probably the best thing they make – I’ve heard very little other than horror stories about their autoloaders – but even those need serious attention if they’re going to be considered in the same league with Ruger and Smith & Wesson.

I hope Kresser can make headway at Taurus, as I’d like to someday be able to brag about having one in my holster.

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