Now this is just weird: we make AKs, they make ARs?

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This actually happened: last night I had a dream that I was living in my grandfather’s beach residence. This was unusual inasmuch as I haven’t seen that place since I was about five or six years old (my grandfather sold it shortly thereafter) and have only vague recollections of what it looked like.

Oddly, I remember his neighbors and their house more than his. My dream had me in my grandfather’s garage, engaged in firefight with a group of invaders who had seized the neighbor’s house. There were four of them – a man, woman, and two teenage boys – shooting at me as I vainly tried to get the police on the phone.

At one point I ran out of ammunition for my AR-15 and frantically searched the garage for more. I found one of those reddish brown bakelite magazines for an AK-74 (did they ever make them for the AK-47?), fully loaded, which I shoved into the magazine well of my AR. Strangely I got it in and it worked, and I resumed the imaginary firefight. The dream ended with my wife calling my cel phone, wondering why I was making so much noise!

Normally I wouldn’t bore you with such a story, but this whole melding of the AK and AR came immediately to mind when I opened my RSS reader this morning. There I found The Firearm Blog reporting that Russian arms maker Molot – a subsidiary of Izhmash, home of the AK rifle – is going to be making AR-15 rifles!

A number of job shops in this country have been building AK rifles for some time, though no major manufacturer has seen fit to do so. I suppose it’s only fair that if we’re building their guns, they should build some of ours. I doubt, however, that my magazine fantasy will be a part of their plans.

What’s next – Rossi building double rifles in .416 Rigby??

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