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Revolver Services

If you're new to
, I ask that you read a couple of short articles I wrote. They'll give you some background, introduce you to my philosophy about what good revolver work actually is, and give you some easy tips for recognizing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First, read
What is a "Good Trigger"? Then, take a look at Pull weight is only part of the equation

(For those who just have to know, feel free to read
"Why don't you work on Taurus revolvers?")

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Basic information

I do not work on Dan Wesson, Taurus, Rossi, or any single action revolvers.

I will not intentionally reduce pull weights in single action below factory specifications; if you’re looking for super-light actions, I’m not your guy.

When your gun arrives, the first thing I do is to thoroughly check the gun over. If any safety related items are beyond factory allowances (such as headspacing, cylinder endshake, etc.) these must be corrected before I will do any custom work on the gun. If you elect not to have those items repaired, the gun will be sent back to you freight collect.

If your gun is to be used for concealed carry (self defense), I suggest that you consider a conversion to double action only. There are some solid practical reasons to do so, and you can
click here to read my thoughts on this issue.

Parts are not included unless noted. Shipping is extra (isn’t it always?)