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S&W Model 66 3"

The S&W Model 66 has always been a popular gun, but the rare 3" version is especially coveted by those who are lucky enough to have one. The owner of this example is no different, but time had taken its normal toll on his prized possession. He asked me to give it a much needed, but not obtrusive, makeover.

His requirements were simple: he wanted a much better action than it came with, he wanted to make it easier to handle, and he wanted it to look good. I think I can handle that!

After the excessive cylinder endplay was corrected, a Super Action Job was done to give it a superbly smooth double action and a crisp single action letoff. The sharp edges that abounded on the gun were eliminated, the trigger was rounded and polished smooth, the chambers were chamfered, and the gun was given my SatinSteel finish with GraySteel treatment on the cylinder flutes for a very subtle accent.

The result is a good looking, great shooting gun. The delighted owner had this to say:
"The work is exellent, and your meticulous attention to detail very clearly shows through. The trigger pulls of both single and double actions are silky smooth and break cleanly."

(The pictures were taken on Austrian "dot" pattern camoflage cloth, which happens to be a favorite of the gun's owner.)

The Menu:
Super Action Job
Chamber chamfering
Round & smooth trigger
SatinSteel finish with GraySteel accents