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Dynamic Focus Shooting

A few years ago I started to question the validity of my self defense training. Dashcam and surveillance videos of violent attacks were becoming more common, and what struck me was the ambush nature of most attacks they captured. Those attacks weren't at all like what I'd been trained to handle, and despite being a disciplined and competent shooter it was obvious that my precisely honed skills weren't a match for the reality I was seeing.

As soon as this sunk in (and it took a while for that to happen!), I started looking for training that reflected what actually happens in a fight, training that taught real, honest survival shooting methodologies. You’d be surprised how hard that was! Most courses only gave lip service to the idea of counter-ambush shooting, preferring to train people to be marksmen instead of fighting for their lives. I already had lots of that kind of training, it was obvious to me that it wasn’t sufficient, and I wanted something better. This was my life I was protecting!

Luckily I found a program that not only addressed the problems I'd witnessed on video, but more importantly could
explain why things happened the way they did and how to respond. What I found was Dynamic Focus Shooting from I.C.E. Training.

Dynamic Focus Shooting is the internationally known program originated by veteran trainer
Rob Pincus. It's designed to make you efficient at defending yourself with a handgun in a surprise, ambush attack. Dynamic Focus Shooting is geared completely toward self defense, with no consideration given to competition or recreational shooting.

Dynamic Focus Shooting is based on the study of empirical evidence from real violent encounters, combined with the latest in physiology and clinical research. It looks at what happens in a sudden, chaotic and threatening event, finds out what the body’s natural reactions to such events are, and then teaches the most relevant techniques to defeat the threat as efficiently as possible. Those techniques build on what the body does naturally, working with the natural reactions instead of against them.

Dynamic Focus Shooting makes the
transition from the initial, startling and frightening recognition of an attack to responding to that attack more efficient. In plain English that means that combat accurate hits come faster, easier, and more reliably.

Dynamic Focus Shooting isn't about point shooting, nor is it about always using your sights. Dynamic Focus Shooting allows
you to find out what you have to do to get the hits you need regardless of the situation. Once you learn the concepts involved, you'll no longer be confused about what sight picture or what stance to use. You'll know, immediately and intuitively, what to do and how to do it. You won't wonder about your abilities, because you'll truly know what you're capable of when a violent confrontation happens.

Many classes push you to compare yourself to - or even compete with - other students or the instructor because of their not-so-subtle origins in competition shooting. Dynamic Focus Shooting doesn’t play those kinds of games with your time. The emphasis is on you, the individual, and how you can develop the defensive shooting skills you need. You'll discover your own personal limits, how to work within them, and finally how to elevate them. People throw around terms like “empowering”, but this course really deserves the word.

I think so highly of Dynamic Focus Shooting that I endured I.C.E.’s famously arduous process to become one of a select few Certified Instructors - just so I could bring to you what I believe to be the most relevant defensive shooting program available.

Who Should Attend?
Dynamic Focus Shooting is a two-day class for anyone who has a handgun for self defense, or anticipates the need to use a handgun for home or personal defense. It’s especially well suited for those with concealed carry licenses/permits (CCW). It’s suitable for both relatively new shooters and those with some experience under their belts, and I’ve had students from 18 to 70 years of age!

This class has a moderate level of physical activity, and we can work around any physical issues you might have.

Prerequisites and Equipment Requirements
The only prerequisite is a good grounding in safe gunhandling, and an understanding of how your handgun functions. (If you’re not sure about things like how to load and unload your pistol or revolver, I suggest taking a very basic entry-level class from a local instructor before signing up.)

You’ll need your centerfire handgun, a holster that does not collapse when you draw the gun, several spare magazines or speedloaders, and approximately 800 rounds of ammunition. (Autoloaders will generally shoot the full amount; revolver users will usually shoot around 600-650.)

Where Is It Held?
Of course you can attend this class in my home state of Oregon, but I’m available to teach anywhere in the United States. If you’d like to bring Dynamic Focus Shooting to your area, please
drop me an email!

Please check my
Schedule page for currently open classes.

You can learn more about Dynamic Focus Shooting at the
official Dynamic Focus Shooting website.