Wasp spray for self defense? This myth just won’t die!

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It’s happened again — a supposed “expert” says yellowjacket killer is an effective self defense weapon. True, or unabashed nonsense?

The internet is buzzing about a recent NBC news segment where a security “expert” recommended the use of wasp/yellowjacket/hornet spray as a good replacement for pepper spray (aka oleoresin capsicum or ‘OC’ for short), or even a firearm.

This strikes me as odd advice, as I’ve been sprayed with OC and once accidentally got a face of some wasp killer, and I’m ...

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Is Amtrak trying to create victims by stomping on the Second Amendment?

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Amtrak recently produced a safety video that garnered some negative attention in the shooting community. How valid are the criticisms?

This article about Amtrak’s new safety campaign has been getting a lot of attention, most of it condescending or ridiculing (as the author of the piece shows.) I think everyone is missing the bigger picture, because I think the video is actually pretty good — for what it is.