Want to stay safer? Don’t draw attention to yourself. Here’s how.

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Part of staying safe is not drawing attention to yourself — the kind of attention that makes you a target. That’s easier said than done, but it’s a necessary part of your defensive plans.

I’ve said in the past that situational awareness is in reality managing distractions: not allowing yourself to get inappropriately consumed by any one thing. There’s more to it, of course (active watching is the other big part), but making sure that you’re not distracted is crucial to ...

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Flying with guns: some tips to make it a little less stressful

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Yes, you can fly with guns — but it can be an intimidating experience. Here’s how to make it a little smoother.
I have, on occasion, flown with a gun. The procedures have changed over the years (and it was a whole lot easier in the pre-9/11 era), but it’s not an uncommon practice. It is common, however, for people to have trouble with the practice!

I’ll admit it can be a little frustrating, particularly if you don’t ...

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Is Amtrak trying to create victims by stomping on the Second Amendment?

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Amtrak recently produced a safety video that garnered some negative attention in the shooting community. How valid are the criticisms?

This article about Amtrak’s new safety campaign has been getting a lot of attention, most of it condescending or ridiculing (as the author of the piece shows.) I think everyone is missing the bigger picture, because I think the video is actually pretty good — for what it is.