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I make an appearance on the Politics & Guns Podcast!

Lots of stuff that I need to disseminate this week, so look for multiple blog posts - some of them might appear on days I don't normally post!

First is this gem: when I was at SHOT Show I got together with Toby Lee from the Politics & Guns Podcast. We sat in the hallway outside the media center (which was the quietest place we could find) and had a chat about my new book,
The Gun Digest Shooter's Guide To Handguns. Our interview starts at 30:20. Enjoy!

-=[ Grant ]=-

My ears are burning!

I always love listening to Mark Vanderberg and Doc Wesson over at the
Gun Rights Radio Network. Mark is the force behind GRRN, and when he finds any spare time he also does the Gun RIghts Advocate podcast. Doc is well known for The Gun Nation podcast, on which I've been a guest. Both podcasts have a presence on GRRN’s discussion forums.

Every so often they get together and do what they call the "
Bar Stool Discussion", a joint podcast which they do live (though I've always listened to the recording.)

On a recent episode they talked - unbeknownst to me - quite a bit about my new book, and said some very complimentary things.
You can listen to the discussion here; my segment starts at 1:13:00.

Before that they interview Alex Haddox, the man whose voice was made for broadcasting, who does the
Practical Defense Podcast. If you’ve never listened you should, as he has one of the better podcasts on the topic. He too has a new book out called "Practical Home Security", and it sounds interesting enough that I'm going to order a copy for myself.

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